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Here at Serent Toolkit, our operations experts share their strategies, stories, insights, and best practices used while working to equip these high-growth and fast paced SaaS companies for success.

Serent Snapshot: Garret Gray, Founder and CEO of Next Gear Solutions

Garret Gray, founder and CEO of Next Gear Solutions, discusses his inspiration for creating a leading workflow management platform for the insurance industry and how he's grown his company through strategic acquisitions.

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Serent Snapshot: Donny Wyatt, Founder and CEO of CoConstruct

Donny Wyatt, founder and CEO of CoConstruct, discusses what sparked the idea to build a company for builders and how he scaled his business through identifying, recruiting, and hiring executive talent.

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Serent Capital Announces $750M Fund to Further Investments in High-Growth, Founder-Led Businesses

Serent Capital, a San Francisco and Austin based private equity firm focused on investing in high-growth technology and services businesses, announced the closing of its fourth fund, Serent Capital IV, at $750 million.

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Serent Capital Portfolio Company ArbiterSports Announces Acquisition of FamilyID

Serent Capital, a San Francisco and Austin-based private equity firm focused on investing in fast-growing software and services businesses, announced that its portfolio company, ArbiterSports, has acquired FamilyID, an online registration platform that connects students with athletic programs and other school activities. The acquisition complements ArbiterSport’s existing suite of offerings provided to schools, leagues and related organizations, enabling the company to address the enrollment, payments, and eligibility tracking requirements of its customers.

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Axiom Medical, a Serent Portfolio Company, Receives the “We Hire Vets” Employer Recognition Award

Axiom Medical, a leading incident case management and occupational health services provider in North America, has received the “We Hire Vets,” employer recognition award.

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Pondera, a Serent Portfolio Company, Named on GovTech 100 List for 5th Consecutive Year

Pondera Solutions is honored to be named to the GovTech 100 for 2020 for the 5th consecutive year.

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