Serent is one of America's top founder-friendly firms.
Here's why: At Serent, we’re more than just investors. We’re partners who work closely with you to reach your company vision.

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USA Test Prep
”Choosing Serent was the best possible decision we could have made for the company 2018 and into 2020 it continues to be the kind of hands-on, mutually beneficial partnership that we'd hoped it would be.”

Jay Eckard,   Co-Founder, USATestprep

At Serent, entrepreneurship is in our DNA

Created by founders, for founders

When you partner with an investor, you’re looking for a partner with the right values, working style, and personality to build an amazing relationship. Serent was created by experienced founders and operators to offer growing companies the guidance we wished we’d had. With Serent, you can partner with experts who have been there – so we can find opportunities together that will help you scale your business faster.

Partnership is our philosphy

Imagine the difference it could make to your business if you could rely on top-tier industry experts to guide you through planning your pricing structure or hiring your head of marketing. With Serent, that’s exactly what you get. With everything we do, we strive for collaborative decision making. You can always expect an honest conversation, knowing we’re working toward what’s best for your business.

More than financial partners

Working with experts is the best way to get better, faster. That’s why we invest in hiring the seasoned pros on our Growth Team – and offer their guidance to you without consulting fees. Whether you’re developing new marketing channels, expanding your team, or rolling out a new service, we’ll connect you with the right people to provide support through every step of the process.

“…it has been a remarkable partnership.”

”Serent is different from other firms, they bring more integrity to the table, and they are going to do what they say they are going to do. They are capable, ‘salt of the earth’ people that added a tremendous amount of value and operational resources that helped us grow Diamond Mind.”

Katherine Novikov Co-Founder, Diamond Mind
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”We share many of the same ethics and principles as Serent, which is a quality we need in a business partner. Pair that with the fact that they understand my business and can give thoughtful recommendations on people and tools to drive growth, and it has been a remarkable partnership.”

Tony Layne Founder and Executive Chairman, Senior Dental Care
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”What stood out to me is that Serent isn’t like a typical PE investor. They treat me as a true partner, and they care about the businesses they are building - they are passionate about it.”

Sushil Garg Founder, BirchStreet Systems
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Serent helps founders like you grow faster

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