Case studies

We actively engage with our portfolio companies to support them in the execution of key initiatives. Below are a few areas we have specifically been able to drive value for our portfolio


Comp Plan Design

"Serent has helped us crystalize both our organic and inorganic growth strategies. The growth team has been instrumental in translating that strategy into a working plan. Together, we have the clarity and collaboration to realize our market dominance in a highly competitive and time sensitive market."

Teresa Creech, CEO talentwave



New sales take 6+ months to negotiate and the account size is unknown at the point of close. This situation makes calculating commissions a difficult task


  • Serent cooperated with the sales leaders to determine the objective of the sales comp plan
  • Serent developed a model to present the commission payouts for the same sales situation under different circumstances
  • The model helped the business leaders choose a compensation plan and communicate it to the sales team


Compensation for sales representatives now ties to 3-year value of new contracts Account managers are now compensated on growth within existing accounts