Case studies

We actively engage with our portfolio companies to support them in the execution of key initiatives. Below are a few areas we have specifically been able to drive value for our portfolio


Team and Territory Design

“Thinking through the team and territory design enabled our reps to be more productive in the field, leading to a 2.5x increase in outbound lead generation”

Glen Laschober, CEO Cardon Outreach



Cardon Outreach is a leading outsourced provider of revenue cycle management services, helping over 900 hospitals and clinics optimize revenue recovery for uninsured and underinsured patients. Prior to investment, Cardon's organic growth had stalled, and the company had no sales reps and needed to build a sales team.


  • Serent's Growth Team worked with the Chief Revenue Officer to identify the right candidate profile, the appropriate size of the sales force by territory, and how to maximize new logo and cross sell
  • Serent aided the company in hiring 12 reps to cover the US, tailoring the new hires to each territory based on their experience and Cardon's existing presense


Cardon experienced a 2.5x increase in outbound lead generation and meetings by the sales team