Case studies

We actively engage with our portfolio companies to support them in the execution of key initiatives. Below are a few areas we have specifically been able to drive value for our portfolio



"Serent delivered on their core values by truly partnering with Diamond Mind on our strategy, operations and organization. The slope of net revenue shifted materially upwards due not only to the bundling insight they shared but also to transforming how we viewed and interacted with our K-12 private school partner channel. Both strategic levers proved invaluable in expanding EBITDA and positioning the company for a successful exit."

Mike Barros, CEO Diamond Mind


Diamond Mind is the leading provider of electronic payment processing and software solutions to private K-12 schools Diamond Mind had historically pursued a pricing strategy that is standard in the payment processing industry (interchange + margin). This strategy made it difficult for Diamond Mind to differentiate from other vendors and execute on sales of its proprietary software applications


  • Serent collaborated with management to segment the customer base and design simple, easy-to-understand software and payment processing bundles 


The new pricing/bundling strategy simplified the sales process, aligned pricing with the value derived, and enhanced the company’s value proposition and client satisfaction